Table of contents

What You Need

Major Credit Card

To post a Scribe to the Ethereum Blockchain you need a credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.

E-mail Address

A valid E-mail address is needed so the payment receipt and Scribe certificate can be emailed to you.

EthScribe App

To start, go to the EthScribe App. EthScribe is a web application that is available on all mobile, tablet and desktop internet browsers.

How to Enter Scribe

To start go to Scribe page. If you are not in Scribe page, you can click on the Scribe button in the application toolbar.

The Scribe page looks like this:

"Enter Scribe"

Enter your Scribe in the Enter your message here field.

Note: as you are typing the text the character count gets updated.

Some foreign language characters are counted as 2 characters, each emoji adds 4 to the character count. When a Scribe reaches the limit of 140 characters the additional typing is ignored. Click the Pay With Card button when you are ready to submit a Scribe.

How to Pay

Here is the payment form:

Fill in all the form fields. E-mail address, credit card number, credit card expiration date, CVC fields are required, and optionally you can check the Remember me checkbox. Remember me makes it faster to submit your Scribe next time. Click the Pay button when ready to finalize your Scribe purchase.

If all credit information is correctly entered the payment system validates the credit card and shows that the payment has been approved. If there is an error in the payment form the field in error is highlighted. Please correct the input and click Pay again.

Payment Order Confirmation

After payment is complete the order confirmation is shown. You can your save order number for your reference. The order number may be used to retrieve all information about the Scribe.

Searching Scribes

To browse and search Scribes, use the Search page. To go to the search page click on the toolbar Search button. Enter a search term into the search input box and when submit search. The search results, Results are ordered by date, the most recent Scribes appear first.

Note: depending on the search term, the search result may have a large number of Scribes. Try to use a more specific search terms to reduce the number of returned search results.

Exact Search

The search term may contain a specific single word or a few words. all of the Scribes that contain at least one of the words in a search term will appear in the search results.

If multiple words are surrounded by double quotes (example: "hello there") then only the Scribes that contain the full quoted phrase (example: "hello there") will show.

Wildcard search

Search terms may contain a wildcard character (*). Wildcard character match any word, or part of the word.

If the search term is just a wildcard '' then any Scribe will match the search term. The Recents button is the shortcut for wildcard search (*) which returns all Scribes.

To match the part of the word use add wildcard at the end. For example to "th*" will return all Scribes that contain words that start with "th" (such as the, that, this, they, though, …)

View Details

To see Scribe Ethereum Blockchain details click the Ethereum icon (🔷)

The "Transaction Block" links to the Ethereum Blockchain block that the transaction is part of.

View the transaction block in Etherscan (one of the public Ethereum browsers).

The "Transaction Hash" links directly to a transaction.

Click "Convert To ASCII" button at the bottom of the page to see Scribe.

Note: When a Scribe is show on the Etherscan site, some foreign language characters or emoji might not be readable in ASCII format.